Good Causes

The Langdale Road Races are staged by The Great Langdale Athletics Club and licensed by the Association of Running Clubs. The people who organise and stage the races are volunteers who all work for either Flamco or Langdale Leisure Ltd and give up many hours of their own time to manage these runs. Since 2014 when the current set up was established any profits from the races have been used to benefit local communities and good causes in the Langdale area.
In 2014 we hosted  a special 10k race to help raise money and awareness for the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association. The money raised was used to help promote the Herdwick breed around the country.
In January 2015, all the pupils at the Great Langdale Primary School were equipped with new sports kit including tracksuit and team shirts for when they play sport against other schools.
The Princes Trust have benefited and some of their young people have Marshalled at our races.